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Pure PHP Yubicloud class (no dependency)
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Author:  multiOTP [ Fri Dec 26, 2014 1:56 am ]
Post subject:  Pure PHP Yubicloud class (no dependency)

Hi there,

The LGPL PHP class Yubicloud (http://developer.sysco.ch/php/#yubicloud) is working without any dependency! Validation protocol 2.0 is implemented, and if you already have an API key, it will be a breeze to implement it, in ... 3 lines !!!
$yubicloud = new Yubicloud("my_client_id", "my_secret_key");
$result = $yubicloud->CheckOnYubiCloud($otp_to_check);

Possible returned value is one of the following:
                     OK  The OTP is valid.
                BAD_OTP  The OTP is invalid format.
           REPLAYED_OTP  The OTP has already been seen by the service.
          BAD_SIGNATURE  The HMAC signature verification failed.
      MISSING_PARAMETER  The request lacks a parameter.
         NO_SUCH_CLIENT  The request id does not exist.
  OPERATION_NOT_ALLOWED  The request id is not allowed to verify OTPs.
          BACKEND_ERROR  Unexpected error in Yubico servers. Please contact them if you see this error.
     NOT_ENOUGH_ANSWERS  Server could not get requested number of syncs during before timeout.
       REPLAYED_REQUEST  Server has seen the OTP/Nonce combination before.
              BAD_NONCE  Answer Nonce is different from the request Nonce.
       CONNECTION_ERROR  Impossible to make a connection with the YubiCloud servers.
       OTP_IS_DIFFERENT  Answer OTP is different from request OTP.
     OUT_OF_TIME_WINDOW  Timestamp difference with the Yubico servers is bigger than yubicloud_max_time_window.
         SERVER_TIMEOUT  Timeout while waiting an answer from the server.

If you have a valid YubiKey, you can check it directly on the project page.

Comments and suggestions welcome!

If you need a Yubico OTP server side solution, have a look at the Pure PHP YubiKey class (also without dependency).
For an OATH-HOTP support, have a look to our more complete multiOTP open source project (http://www.multiotp.net/).

Best regards,


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