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[Question] : How to add yubikeys ID to my own yk-val
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Author:  Adrien [ Wed Nov 04, 2015 5:17 pm ]
Post subject:  [Question] : How to add yubikeys ID to my own yk-val


I set my own yubico validation server, I read the documentation in the website and i didn't find any information about how to add yubikeys in my yk-val server (Maybe i'm a little bit fool )

Can someone help me ?

Tank you
I follow the steps in the documentation and i think my server is working because i have this response when i test an OTP from my server :

ykclient --url "" --apikey B5B8UTQflAiwrgBqZ9bMbupydsU= 6 ccccccecvcgkldgcduutgfdigflrhnnkununtnirdhuu --debug
validation URL:
client id: 6
token: ccccccecvcgkldgcduutgfdigflrhnnkununtnirdhuu
api key: B5B8UTQflAiwrgBqZ9bMbupydsU=
Verification output (1): Yubikey OTP was bad (BAD_OTP)

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