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Yubikey NEO not recognised in one USB port
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Author:  bozho [ Wed Dec 13, 2017 3:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Yubikey NEO not recognised in one USB port

Hi all,

When using my laptop (Windows 10 64bit), I keep my Yubikey plugged into the same USB port (one of the three available USB 3.0 ports).

Today I plugged it out when going out for lunch and when I plugged it back it, it wasn't working (authenticator doesn't see it, it doesn't appear as a smartcard, the button does not work). It would flash a few times when I plugged it in, but that was about it.

It works fine when plugged into any of the other two USB ports. At first I was annoyed, thinking a USB port had died on a two month-old laptop, but a USB flash disk works fine when plugged into the the USB port. Interestingly enough, my USB mouse doesn't, which makes me think it's not necessarily a hardware problem.

Rebooting or shutting the machine off and back on didn't help.

Any ideas what might've happened?

Thank you!

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