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[QUESTION] - how getting started?
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Author:  Zeussi [ Sat Feb 07, 2015 4:58 pm ]
Post subject:  [QUESTION] - how getting started?

hi guys,

i bought the yubikey neo, because on yubico website is the information:

"Works across Windows, Mac, Linux, major browsers and mobile platforms supporting NFC"

So i have:
- a Windows Phone Lumia 930 with NFC
- a Windows 8.1 Desktop PC
- a Macbook Air OSX Desktop

I try to do:
- using YubiKey in combination with Windows Phone Authenticator App and NFC
- setting up an own OpenID-Server (https://github.com/Yubico/php-openid)
- setting up YubiKey TOTP for my mail provider (posteo)
- using the YubiKey to login to Windows 8.1 and OSX

So i tried to start with the first point, the Authenticator App, but i don't know what to do. I try to find information by search engine / youtube videos / this forum but i can't find any information about Windows Phone and YubiKey. There is just the one thread with the fix-script, but i think i have general understanding problems. Have i to setup a slot for something? And if yes, for what? Are the two slots too less for my requirements? Which steps i have to do? I'm new in the hardware token topic and it would be nice i could have some basic information. :/ Thank you!

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