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Integrating Yubico with Joomla?
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Author:  nkr [ Mon Oct 13, 2008 11:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Integrating Yubico with Joomla?

Hi all,
I just received my Yubikey today so I'm all new to this.

The reason I bought a Yubikey is to see the possibilities to integrate it with Joomla back-end login (demo url: http://demo.joomla.org/1.5/administrator/).

The biggest security risk my site faces right now is if any of the computers that my administrators use to login to the site is infected by a trojan or a keylogger that records the keyboard when attempting to log in.

I want to eliminate this threat, thats why I turned to Yubico and their Yubikey for a solution.

The idea is to provide my administrators Yubikeys so they never have to type a password, only using the Yubikey that generates one time passwords to login to my site. Making it useless for hackers if they obtain the one-time password through a trojan or a keylogger since it wont work using the same password again.

I have been searching around in the forum and the Yubico site but I could not find any already working solution to integrate the Yubikey with Joomla. (Like for example the YubiKey Wordpress Plugin http://henrik.schack.dk/yubikey-plugin/)

I'm not an expert on programming and would probably never be able to create a Yubikey component for Joomla.
Thats why I'm asking you guys, maybe someone already has started working on this, since Joomla is one of the major open source content management systems.

Is it possible to remove the password field on the back-end login for Joomla and replace it with only a Yubikey field?

Hoping for some positive respons from you.

Best regards

Author:  Robert [ Tue Oct 14, 2008 11:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Integrating Yubico with Joomla?

I'm not sure, but I think Joomla (1.5) has a possibility to enable OpenID login (plugin or so). If that's the case, you could simply use an OpenID provided by http://www.clavid.com/ and then use the YubiKey-OpenID Login for Joomla access.

However, a direct backend integration of Yubikey would also be great :)

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