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[YubiRADIUS] - new release version 3.6.1
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Author:  Tom [ Mon Feb 25, 2013 8:34 am ]
Post subject:  [YubiRADIUS] - new release version 3.6.1

We have uploaded the YubiRADIUS Virtual Appliance 3.6.1 on our server.

Download link for YubiRADIUS Virtual Appliance version 3.6.1 is available at:

vmx format:

http://wiki.yubico.com/files/YubiRADIUS ... V3.6.1.zip

ovf format:

http://wiki.yubico.com/files/YubiRADIUS ... .1_OVF.zip

New features in YubiRADIUS 3.6.1

1. Ability to provide the signing certificate in YubiRADIUS in case a self-signed certificate is used on AD/OpenLDAP server and secure connection option is enabled.

2. Added option to select Authentication Profile for integration with Netmotion Mobility Server using EAP-GTC protocol.

3. Enable/Disable "Single factor" authentication for users.

Bug Fixes in YubiRADIUS 3.6.1 (over 3.6):

1. Scheduled import of users had an issue in case a "," was used in user DN.

2. Default values set for active Directory parameters in "Import Users"

3. Default validation server is set to "YubiCloud".

4. Removed unintentional logging of user passwords as part of requests within YubiRADIUS components.

5. Disable RADIUS client in case a domain is disabled

6. Group return issue resolved for ", " in all group returns.

7. Reports was accessible from yesterday to old date, but reports was not able to generate from current date and time. This issue resolved and reports can be created from current date and time.

8. AD/LDAP user mapping with YubiKey, where username case sensitivity issue resolved.

9. Special characters in Password (# & + \ ") and username resolved.

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