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RIP to my Yubikey (869937) v2.2.2 - Obituary
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Author:  Morthawt [ Mon Oct 02, 2017 2:55 pm ]
Post subject:  RIP to my Yubikey (869937) v2.2.2 - Obituary

Well, I bought my Yubikey (v2.2.2 firmware) back in 2011. I never really found much use for the Yubico OTP since only this forum accepted it (still is the only site I use that accepts it) so the most I used it for was occasionally when my interest peaked again, the windows login protection using SHA1-HMAC challenge-response and also a static password which I used as a postfix to site-specific subjective meta information to essentially ensure each site had a unique password which the "system" was extremely difficult to decipher.

Well after some years of only using it for the static password I had a problem with my computer which required me to use my phone more, which meant I had to memorise the random password stored in the Yubikey since I could not use it on my phone. Also I had a strange intermittent problem where the computer would stop reading the Yubikey and I had to take it out, clean it and reboot the computer. I am still unsure exactly what the problem was but it was very inconvenient having a locked PC with no ability to unlock, losing unsaved work etc upon reboot. So I eventually stopped using the Yubikey because I just knew the "random" password components to type. So it sat in draws, shelves, moved around and not used for a couple years. Until somewhat recently when I found it and decided to start using it again. I researched and a new "Yubikey 4" was out and decided to order it for the numerous new benefits. I love the Yubikey 4 and had plans next pay day to buy the neo and hope and pray that a newer one with even more capabilities doesn't come out and annoy me to spend more money. But now my old Yubikey 2.2.2 has stopped working. I cleaned the contacts, rebooted (after forgetting about this old problem, through not using it for so long) and it still did not work.

I tried using specific contact cleaner, nothing, tried using "Peek" polish which is a metal/plastic cleaner which does a magical job of cleaning metal. It took off a bit of the gold plating off but still was dead. I filed the end of the Yubikey to hope to push it in a bit further and get the USB contacts to contact a bit further up than normally would be contact with and still dead. I took a 2000 grit knife sharpening stone and give it a quick few light swipes and more gold came off and still dead. So I officially have safely, securely retired it using the wire cutters of my Gerber MP600 multi-tool and totally destroyed it.

I have shifted some money around and decided to order the neo early and cut my spending down till pay day, so that I a) have 2 Yubikeys again and I hope to use the NFC capability so I can get my TOTP codes off the google authenticator and solely make use of Yubico's desktop and android authenticators.

If anyone reads this, are there multiple benefits of having NFC? I know I can have about 30 TOTP entries stored on that and use the app but are there any other simultaneous benefits that I can get by having a neo?


Author:  dragon788 [ Sun Oct 15, 2017 7:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: RIP to my Yubikey (869937) v2.2.2 - Obituary

One of the best things about the newer yubikey Keys is with the u2f and ccid capabilities you can do so much more than just store static passwords. On Android with NFC you can set the ndef that appears when the yubikey is scanned and trigger actions based on that in addition to using the NFC to send the otp.

Author:  Morthawt [ Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: RIP to my Yubikey (869937) v2.2.2 - Obituary

I have had no luck with using the NDEF part of it. I can get openpgp to work partially due to a software bug, I can get the TOTP codes to display but the OTP types of facility do not work since the Yubiclip app does not work on my S5 mini.

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