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Yubikey 1 and Yubikey 2 static mode - bug
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Author:  Jakob [ Thu Aug 06, 2009 10:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Yubikey 1 and Yubikey 2 static mode - bug

The first (AFAIK) Yubikey 2 bug has been reported: Configuring a Yubikey 1 and a Yubikey 2 in static mode with identical input parameters produces different output.

The cause is that the use counter is set to the fixed value 0x7fff rather than 0xffff. One can of course argue what is the most logical choice, but given the choice made for Yubikey 1, we'll change the behavior to be identical for Yubikey 2.

Pending version 2.0.2 fixes this issue. Yubikeys being shipped from around August 20 will include this firmware version.


Hardware- and firmware guy @ Yubico

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