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[BUG] Desktop Authenticator program - Password protection
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Author:  Morthawt [ Mon Oct 02, 2017 3:11 pm ]
Post subject:  [BUG] Desktop Authenticator program - Password protection

I have run into the problem after messing around with the password protection, due to wanting to experience the Windows Hello unlocking capability. The firs related problem was the fact that when I Remembered the password on a computer, I was unable to make the Authenticator app forget it, which was a big security problem for me at work as I like to unplug it, plug it back in and not enter the password, so that I can still make use of U2F. Well I went into the registry after searching many other data-storage areas and found how to remove the password that was saved.

Now to the current bug.
I had my password saved at home, because that is fine. But I removed the password setting by leaving everything blank as recommended. Then I tested the hello unlocking thing out, which was not too bad but really annoyed me that I could not secure my TOTP codes as well as making use of the hello. But then I plugged in my Yubikey and it asked for the password. I was confused as I had removed the password on the Yubikey in order to test Hello unlocking. So I entered nothing and pressed enter, thinking it would enter "no password" and just work. It failed and still wanted the password. I entered the password I normally use... still nothing. At first this prompted me to get annoyed and I reset it and added everything again, only to have the problem return through similar circumstances. Well, it turned out that when I went to change the password to be blank (to use hello for example) the password that was saved in the registry was not updated to reflect the new lack of a password.

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