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[SOLVED] Windows phone 8 and Yubikey Neo
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Author:  DavidW [ Fri Jan 30, 2015 11:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [SOLVED] Windows phone 8 and Yubikey Neo

gmit wrote:
Why not put a simple GUI together that will report the state of the NEO, adjust it to work with Windows phones and solve the problem?

I explained the reasons earlier in the thread. Yubico have produced a standards compliant device. Microsoft have made assumptions in the Windows Phone 8 code that make it incompatible with Yubico's NFC implementation. The fault is Microsoft's - it's down to them to fix their faulty code.

If Yubico implement the kind of work-round you are asking for, this becomes a promise to support Windows Phone despite its lack of standards compliance. If Microsoft change their code and break something different in the future, this might leave all the affected Windows Phone users needing new Yubikeys, as you cannot update the firmware of a Neo in the field.

The work-round that Yubico published only works on developer Neos, not production devices. The random keying of the GlobalPlatform layer in production Neos, which is for sound security reasons, means there's no way for Yubico to distribute a GUI that activates the work-round on production Neos.

TL;DR - production variants of the Yubikey Neo, which is what you get if you buy today, are incompatible with Windows Phone 8. This due to defects in Microsoft's NFC code and affected users should complain to Microsoft. Anyone buying a Yubikey Neo specifically for Windows Phone 8 support should attempt to return the Neo to their supplier, though a refund might be rejected as the Neo conforms to the relevant standards.

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