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meaning of PIN retry counter numbers
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Author:  creasy [ Wed Jan 06, 2016 4:38 pm ]
Post subject:  meaning of PIN retry counter numbers


since yesterday I'm a new prod owner of a Yubikey 4 and I've got directly a question where I've found no answer in google.
I remember that when I've made my first steps in the Yubikey configuration that the PIN retry counter was 3 3 3.
Now, after a lot of configuration changes and some blocked PINs and PUKs the numbers are on 3 0 3.
I've followed the instructions here (https://developers.yubico.com/yubico-pi ... ction.html) to reset PIN and PUK but that have no influence on the middle number. Can someone explain me which number is standing for what?

C:\>gpg2 --card-status
Application ID ...: D2760001240102010006041313600000
Version ..........: 2.1
Manufacturer .....: Yubico
Serial number ....: 04131354
Name of cardholder:
Language prefs ...:
Sex ..............:
URL of public key :
Login data .......: [nicht gesetzt]
Signature PIN ....: nicht zwingend
Key attributes ...: 4096R 4096R 2048R
Max. PIN lengths .: 127 127 127
PIN retry counter : 3 0 3

BR Christian

Author:  ChrisHalos [ Tue Jan 19, 2016 12:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: meaning of PIN retry counter numbers

The NEO will show 3 3 3, while the YubiKey 4 will show 3 0 3. This is expected behavior. The second number isn't actually used anywhere.


PIN retry counter
This field saves how many tries still are left to enter the right PIN. They are decremented whenever a wrong PIN is entered. They are reset whenever a correct AdminPIN is entered. The first and second PIN are for the standard PIN. gpg makes sure that the two numbers are synchronized. The second PIN is only required due to peculiarities of the ISO-7816 standard; gpg tries to keep this PIN in sync with the first PIN. The third PIN represents the retry counter for the AdminPIN.

source - https://www.gnupg.org/howtos/card-howto/en/ch03.html

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