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Guide: Typical setups for types of people
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Author:  ibgb [ Tue Feb 21, 2017 5:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Guide: Typical setups for types of people

As a new user, it is difficult to know which of the mechanisms that the YubiKey provides I should utilize. It would be extremely helpful to have some hypothetical user setups in a guide. For example, a profile for Ted:

Ted is a computer nerd, and needs all of the following:
PGP signing
computer login

Mary is a accountant, and needs computer login and Fido U2F for her Google accounts.

Ted's profile:

Ted decides to set up open PGP, as this will give him everything he needs (maybe also PIV). The advantages of this are: PGP, SSH, PAM. The disadvantages are: blah1 and blah2.

And so on.

This would provide new users at least with an overview of what they probably should consider for their utilization. This type of overview would be very useful I feel.

The other difficulty I had was understanding all the configurations that I could put in there. It was not clear that the chip card interface device (CCID) was totally separate from the PIV interface, or the two slot profiles. Also as many parts are writes only, one wants to get it right the first time.

Anyway I think many people have difficulty with the documentation and a guide for typical users would at least point them in the correct directions and give them an overview of what they should consider.

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