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Author:  jugsofbeer [ Fri Mar 19, 2010 12:29 am ]
Post subject:  Yubico Java Validation Server

Im having trouble getting a personalised Yubikey to validate against a local java validation server ive deployed.

Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong, and what my sql insert statements should look like. Im fairly sure ive done something stupid with the conversions.


I’ve re-programmed this yubikey and my new values are

Public ID: c0ecbe65a0ff
Secret ID: 3614c54cf25d
Key: 2823c5539a281155fec52a7eb583dd08

My yubikey now generates OTP’s in this format


Using your modhex calculator, I converted the above values to

Public ID: c0ecbe65a0ff
Source Format: Hex
Base64 Result = wOy+ZaD/

Secret ID: 3614c54cf25d

Key: 2823c5539a281155fec52a7eb583dd08
Source Format: Hex
Base64 Result = KCPFU5ooEVX+xSp+tYPdCA==

My sql insert statements therefore are

insert into perms values(1,true,true,true,true,true);
insert into clients (id,perm_id, active, created, email, secret) values (1,1,1, current_timestamp, 'ben.ataya@apnonline.co.nz', 'TWIWuqIJKVWhXPbVuxEiHv5GSA0=');
insert into yubikeys (id,client_id,active,userid,created,accessed,tokenId,secret) values (1,1,1,'3614c54cf25d',CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,'wOy+ZaD/','KCPFU5ooEVX+xSp+tYPdCA==');

I stopped and restarted the database and webserver to ensure nothings cached, and I still get BAD_OTP message. ... khbdi&id=1

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