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Pure PHP Yubikey class (no dependency)
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Author:  multiOTP [ Fri Dec 26, 2014 1:57 am ]
Post subject:  Pure PHP Yubikey class (no dependency)

Hi there,

The LGPL PHP class Yubikey (http://developer.sysco.ch/php/#yubikey) is working without any dependency! Yubico OTP is implemented, AES decryption (AES128 class from Jose Manuel Busto Lopez) is directly integrated in the class, and Dvorak keyboard should be supported. It will be a breeze to implement it, in ... 3 lines !!!
$yubikey = new Yubikey();
$result = $yubikey->CheckYubicoOtp($yubico_modhex_encrypted_part, $secret, $last_valid_position);

Possible returned value is one of the following:
                     OK  The OTP is valid.
                BAD_OTP  The OTP is invalid format.
           REPLAYED_OTP  The OTP has already been seen by the service.

Comments and suggestions welcome!

If you need also an OATH-HOTP support, have a look to our more complete multiOTP open source project (http://www.multiotp.net/).
If you need a YubiCloud PHP solution, have a look at the Pure PHP Yubicloud class (also without dependency).

Best regards,


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