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Yubico Validation Server (self hosted) with CentOS ?
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Author:  stefenTZ [ Sun Nov 01, 2015 12:47 am ]
Post subject:  Yubico Validation Server (self hosted) with CentOS ?


I just subscribed to this forum after spending some hours trying to setup Yubico Validation Server under CentOS 7.
For a proof of concept we want to test if the Yubikey is the right Token for one of our corporate web applications.

Because we have high security needs, we're facing a special situation where all clients and servers are not connected to any network (except within the building area).
As such we need to setup own validation servers.
The documentation seems to be very clear:


All our (Linux) virtual machines are running Red Hat or CentOS, as such we don't want to use Debian/Ubuntu for the Validation Servers.
I have successfully setup a virtual machine with CentOS 7 and followed the howto at https://developers.yubico.com/yubikey-v ... ation.html.
As the installation procedure was written for Debian I had to make slightly adaptions.
I haven't followed the steps to fix logging / log to a separte file and I haven't setup any synchronization servers.

Unfortunately the last step (Step 11: Test it) doesn't give the desired result.
When I use the wget command, I get no result

wget  http://localhost/wsapi/2.0/verify?id=1&nonce=asdmalksdmlkasmdlkasmdlakmsdaasklmdlak&otp=dteffujehknhfjbrjnlnldnhcujvddbikngjrtgh

Is someone using the validation and key storage module server on top of Red Hat or CentOS and can point me into the right direction?

Kind regards from Germany

- Stefen

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