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Password Safe - Backing up \ cloning existing Yubikey
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Author:  david000 [ Sun Aug 30, 2015 7:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Password Safe - Backing up \ cloning existing Yubikey

I started using password safe in the Summer and all seems well. I've since purchased 2 more yubikeys to keep as backup's but it's not clear how I clone my existing key so that the new ones can be used with my passwordsafe 'safes'.

Reading the documentation it seems that I may need to reset the yubikey response on my safes - is that the case or can someone give me a guide to making a backup ?

I'm being fairly cautious as I don't want to trash my working key...

Thanks in advance



It turns out it's pretty straight forward.

Start passwordsafe
Insert yubikey and login
Click Manage then Yubikey
Insert new key, press 'Set Yubikey' - The new new yubikey will be set to work you you pw safe.
DONOT click 'Generate'.

The associated help file gives all the info required.

Interestingly the new key can't be used to log into this forum - How would one set that ?

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