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[PROJECT] - phpBB3 plugin for Yubikey authentication
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Author:  Tom [ Thu Mar 07, 2013 9:00 am ]
Post subject:  [PROJECT] - phpBB3 plugin for Yubikey authentication

// visit branch YUBICO for modified version

This is a phpBB mod to enable users to log in using their Yubico Yubikey.
This is currently a prototype mod that works but isn't production quality yet.
Use at your own risk.



If you are running a brand new installation of phpBB3, simply install this plugin like any others. Follow the instructions included in the install.xml
This plugin will register users with bitmask 7, enforcing the use of Username, Password and Yubikey to authenticate to the board.

If you are installing this plugin in an existing forum with active users and you want to enforce the use of a Yubikey for authentication, you will need to run SQL UPDATE command on the bitmask for all users and set it to 7.

Please keep in mind that existing users do not have a Yubikey registered in the database and you may lock them out!
Think carefully before deploying this plugin inside a pre existing board if you do not want to find your mailbox full of users screaming at you!

Our suggestion is to let the users to choose whether to enable the use of Yubikey through the user control panel or not.

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