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[QUESTION] PIV - list objects
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Author:  PhilippeR [ Sun Feb 28, 2016 6:32 pm ]
Post subject:  [QUESTION] PIV - list objects

Is there a way with 'yubico-piv-tool' to display the objects of a given slot (PubKey/PrivKey/Certificate)?
Does the action for this is to use "test-signature" for example and except for a failure if the slot is empty?
This kind of command should be fine for this:
>yubico-piv-tool -a status --slot=9a
CHUID: xxx
PIN tries left: 5
Key-pair: ECCP256
Certificate: Not found

Also, why the PIV manager say 'No YubiKey found. Please insert a PIV enabled YubiKey...' after the device was initialized and the program restarted (it was fine until I close it)?

Thank you.


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