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[GUIDELINE] - do you have a project involving Yubico? ReadME
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Author:  Tom [ Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:20 am ]
Post subject:  [GUIDELINE] - do you have a project involving Yubico? ReadME

Yubico greatly appreciate when customers develop new ways of exploiting our technology.
We want to make your contribution visible and available for everyone and that is why we invite you in following the guidelines presented in this topic when posting your project.

Guidelines on how to post a community project

Topic Title: the tile must have the following format: [PROJECT] - Short Name of your project. (Please find a descriptive name, something that let users understand from the title what is it about (i.e. [PROJECT] - YubiKEE - A plugin for Yubikey and KEEPASS2)

Project name: Name of Your Project

License: describe under which license your project is released.

Description: briefly describe what is the purpose of your project, what are you trying to solve or fix

Platforms: On which platforms does your project runs? Linux, Windows, Android, iOS...?

Webpage: is your project available on GitHUB? Is it available on your blog or website? Write it here!

Tutorial: this is very important. Please consider that not everyone is a computer guru like you. Not everyone uses a command line terminal or is fluent in c++. To allow a wide spread of your project please describe in details how to set up your projects. If you have an on line tutorial you can link it here! Remember that even the greatest ideas can fail, if you do not communicate them correctly!

*** OPTIONAL ***
Everything below the optional line is not mandatory in your post. Here you can add other fields not described above or follow the sample provided below.

Screenshots: post screenshots of your projects.

Credits: if you want to credit someone or somethings for your project.

Help: if you need help to accomplish some task related to your projects you can ask for help here. Describe in detail the work that needs to be done so that other user can understand.

Updates: incoming updates or changes can be tracked in this section.

*** Thank you for following this guideline. Please notify the post to the moderators so that they will make it sticky ***

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