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[QUESTION] Administrator login for password
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Author:  yelsew60156 [ Thu Jan 30, 2014 5:36 am ]
Post subject:  [QUESTION] Administrator login for password

I searched Administrator and do not see any answers specific to my needs.

I am trying to make it easier for users in the office to load program or login to the server if they have too while I am out out the office. I have many job duties including IT and field service. I have been using Last Pass for a while now and the ads for the Yubico have intrigued me for a while as a way to allow the users if needed install programs to their systems without me being there. It came down to 2 people out of 15 did not have the administrator password to the domain, so people would willie nilly install programs from the web onto their system and compromise our network.

I would like to setup a Yubico key with the admin password and such, so that only me and my manger have access to it. Then as we see fit people can load programs or gain access to the servers. Small company too many hands in the pot. I have tried to set the rights to the systems, then so many people complain they cant do what they want to do, it s becomming a pain.

It looks like i just need to setup my slot #2 at a static password, then load the Yubico cross platform onto all the systems. But will they still be able to log-in as a normal windows login? I did not get Yubikeys for all users, just 2 keys, I would have one and one for my manager as a backup.

Thanks in advance,


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