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Mac OS (high Sierra) PIV - Using PIN after Screensaver
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Author:  Maxime44 [ Sat Dec 02, 2017 4:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Mac OS (high Sierra) PIV - Using PIN after Screensaver


I set up my Yubikey by pairing it as a PIV key with my profile.
The setup is fully functional for logging into my profile when booting my computer. As I insert the key, my profile is selected and the password field becomes a "PIN" field.

However the setup is not fully functional when I'm already logged into my profile.
1. If I turn on "display sleep", upon wake up I will have to log in again, the page shows me a blurred background image, the password field does not mention "PIN", it's only asking to log in with TouchID or password, but logging in with the Yubikey + PIN works
2. If I start the screensaver, and move the mouse I get the log in screen again but this time, no blurred background picture, only a grey background with a password prompt, but here it won't let me log in with the Yubikey + PIN, only TouchID or my regular password.

Is it a bug from Mac OS ? Or is there any setting I can fix to resolve the issue and let me log in with Yubikey + PIN every time?

Author:  cho [ Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mac OS (high Sierra) PIV - Using PIN after Screensaver

Hi Maxime44,

I just setup my High Sierra machine (MB Pro 13" Mid 2012, macOS 10.13.1) this weekend following Yubicos setup guide and Richard Purves instrucitons
http://www.richard-purves.com/2017/02/1 ... v-and-pam/

The first time I did everything on one go, but that cased troubles. After I did the pairing and PAM-integration step by step with reboots between these two steps everything is fine.


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