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[QUESTION]openvpn/pam_yubico entered LDAP-Password+OTPString
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Author:  NorbertR [ Mon Jan 23, 2017 2:41 pm ]
Post subject:  [QUESTION]openvpn/pam_yubico entered LDAP-Password+OTPString

Hello Guys,

is there any way to use any extracted LDAP-Password for LDAP-Authentication if you're using Yubico with OpenVPN?

We want to use OpenVPN with an 2-Factor-Authentication and it seems that the PAM-yubico Module extract the OTP String from the Password-field and saves the Password String internal for future use.
But it doesn't seem to use it at all.

The Setup checks the OTP String against the LDAP as specified (looking for the yubi_attr for the YubiKeyIDs) and if it success, it let the User pass, but we want also to authenticate the User with it's LDAP-Password.
Any suggestions where to look, if i doesn't seem to look through the Forest for the Trees ori is it still an not-developed feature?


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